Alt331 ISatPhone 2 Voice + Text
Global Coverage
SOS Button
GPS Location
999€ + VAT
Alt811 Connect to any smartphone or
tablet with worldwide coverage
Alt320 Always connected,
always safe
Alt927 Complete flexibility SAILOR FLEET ONE

Whether you need emergency back-up for your far away adventure, or a reliable phone to use in a hard-to-reach place, Mobile Satellite Service (MSS) is a type of mobile phone that uses satellites rather than cell phone towers. 

Should you get a daily, monthly, annual or prepaid plan? There are many options based on your type of usage and preference, and we can guide you to make the best decision. If you are already a client, recharge your plan by logging into your account here.

Need a satellite phone but don’t want to commit to buying one? Rent a phone with us while you pack the bags for your next adventure. Simply tell us where you are going, how you plan to use the phone and the dates you need it for.

VIDA enables you to live your best life at sea while staying connected like you do on land. Whether you need a small VSAT antenna for your yacht, a 5G connection close to shore, or global coverage to circumnavigate the globe, our engineering team customizes solutions for the most demanding maritime needs, enabling clients to always have the best seamless connection.

Keep it simple by purchasing all you need in just a few clicks. These packs contain the satellite phone with a data plan already included, so you don’t have to worry about selecting what works best with what. Simply choose the region and type of activity you need your equipment for, and let us propose the best All in One Pack for you!


Find the best option for every situation.

Travel And Adventure
Emergency Communications

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