Travel & Adventure

No matter how far your adventurous spirit takes you, VIDA has your back in case you need to connect. The greatest luxury today is to be able to completely disconnect from the world… but even in those moments, you still want to be able to communicate if the need arises.


#VanLife is much more than a trend, and some people see their RV adventures as a way of life! Our products enable you to take your office off-road in case you work remotely or make an emergency phone call if the need arises.


So many mountains, so little time! With a satellite phone you can go as far as your legs will take you and still be safe.


Camping sites are fun but getting off the beaten path can be even more exciting! Campers can face so many real dangers and precaution is the best way to ensure safety.

Off-Road & Racing

If you have a need for speed and love to live on the edge… while playing it safe and being prepared, VIDA will back you up on your next off-road and racing adventure.

Recommendations for Travel & Adventure Applications

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