We know that every vessel and client are unique, so we engineer tailor-made solutions according to your needs. Satellite phones are Maritime Mobile Service devices and are used as emergency backup devices. In addition to satphones, we also offer VSAT solutions and 4G/5G service for vessels around the world.

10-35m Vessels

Small motor and sailing vessels need connectivity whether they circumnavigate the globe or never leave the coast. VIDA offers tailored solutions for these boats to stay connected, close and near the shore.

35+m Vessels

Bigger vessels have unique needs for communications onboard. Guests and crew need internet most of the time, whether near or far from shore. VSAT, 4G/5G, or port Wi-Fi are some of the solutions we offer to yachts and passenger vessels with larger capacity.

Recommendations for Maritime Applications

A maritime setup

What we recommend in a maritime basic satphone pack

Satphone pack

4G/5G service

Global Ku-Band Coverage

VIDA Med/Caribbean Coverage

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