Our government clients are highly unique, requiring extremely reliable and confidential solutions. Some of VIDA’s services such as M2M are perfectly crafted for military and government operations.


There is zero room for error in warfare. VIDA offers reliable, low-latency data for control and command communications. On the ground, in the air, or at sea.


For the most part, military missions are high risk and personnel needs to be precise and timely. Reliable communications play a huge factor in their success.

Professional Satellite Solutions

Satellite Phones

- Wide selection of best phones and brands in the industry.

-  All in one packs for fool proof and speedy purchase.

- Instant plan recharge on Client Portal.

Coverage & Support

- 24/7/365 support for VIP clients.

- Global satellite coverage and worldwide network.

Backup satellite connections to ensure constant connectivity.

Bulk Discounts

- Fleet and team purchase available with promotional pricing.

- Ability to monitor usage for each user on Client Portal.

Ability to recharge, upgrade, and add more phones to the network at any time.

Internet Services

- Wi-Fi hotspots for small remote teams.

- Terminals for moving vehicles.

- Dedicated and redundant global satellite networks.

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