Vida by ERZIA

VIDA means life in Spanish. At VIDA, we believe that life is about people, and the best life is lived when we are connected to others. VIDA’s reliable infrastructure and innovative engineering deliver the connectivity that you need, whether is a VSAT connection on the high seas or a satellite phone to make a call on top of Everest. Everything we do has one ultimate goal: to improve people’s quality of life. That is why we deliver the technology for people to connect and live their best LIFE.



VIDA is owned by ERZIA, a benchmark name in RF and microwave electronic components. ERZIA was founded 20 years ago, specializing in designing, engineering and developing one-of-a-kind components used in aerospace, defense, radar, space, and satcoms. The success of the company inspired the expansion of the business with the opening of the Santander Teleport in 2010. The natural progression was to deliver communications solutions to the maritime market, and that’s what VIDA by ERZIA does today.

VIDA Phones

ERZIA has been offering MSS products such as satellite phones for years under the brand ERZIASat. With the expansion of VIDA’s maritime connectivity solutions, we are moving our MSS department under the same umbrella, which will enable us to better serve the maritime market with all their communications needs. The VIDA Phones Shop is the store where our maritime and land clients can continue to find the best deal on MSS devices.

ERZIA Microwave

ERZIA is a leader in the design and manufacturing of amplifiers and microwave assemblies for extreme environments where high reliability, low noise, high efficiency, compactness, and ruggedness are mandatory. Our devices and subsystems are engineered and produced to meet the highest performance requirements and take up as little space and weight as possible. ERZIA’s products have completed successful missions to the moon and Mars, and has partnerships with the top aerospace and defense companies in the world.


Awarded by the World Teleport Association 5 years I a row, the Santander Teleport was built by ERZIA and MTN, and is now where we run all of VIDA’s operations from. The teleport has 25 antennas ranging from 3 to 15 meters in diameter, transmitting Ku, C, and X band to maritime, aviation, and military customers around the globe.

Client Support

Vessels’ operations never stop, that is why we provide 24/7/365 VIP client support to our maritime satcom clients. We pride ourselves in hiring only experienced certified engineers to provide world-class support when our clients need it most.

Our Values

People – The core foundation of VIDA, always come first

Ownership – Dedicated and responsible

Integrity – Proactive and reliable

Practical – No red tape, efficient

Excellence – Strive for perfection, always